Hearing is believing

Put on your headphones and hear why our listeners say this is the best way to experience music.

Immersive 3D audio

Turn all of your music into a lifelike 3D surround sound experience. The difference is unreal.

Three listening settings

You control your listening environment with settings that replicate a front row, the middle of a club concert, and a stadium concert.

Works with Spotify

Get immersive headphone audio for all of your favorite Spotify songs and playlists with RondoPlayer for Spotify!

RondoMotion Learn More

RondoMotion — the world’s first wireless motion sensor for headphones — is redefining audio realism. Attach it to your headphones for an amazing 360° motion-tracked audio experience that ‘puts you there.

RAPPRLearn More

Say goodbye to flat, restricted headphone audio. RAPPR is an immersive & customizable sound environment that produces the cleanest, richest, and most realistic headphone audio for everything you listen to.