How motion-tracking makes a difference

Headphones without motion tracking

Regardless of what kind of headphones you have, traditional headphone audio is flat and static. You’re left with an in-the-head listening experience and no spatial awareness.

Headphones with motion tracking

RondoMotion allows you to interact with sound relative to your head movement, just like you do in real life. The result is a fully immersive 360° audio experience that puts you there.

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“The future of sound technology ”

Next-level audio realism in 4 steps


Get amazing 3D audio for your headphones by installing our RAPPR app.


Attach RondoMotion to your existing headphones (works with all over-ear headphones).


Turn on the sensor, run the app, and wirelessly sync RondoMotion with your device in just a few seconds.


Experience true audio immersion as you listen and interact in 360°!

“Think virtual reality, but for audio”

Key Features

6-axis motion-sensing

Scalable sound

Mac & iOS-ready

Bluetooth 4.0-compatible

16 hours of usage


Dimensions: 1in x 1in x 0.25in
Weight: 20 grams
Wireless: Bluetooth v4.0
Max. range: Approx. 30 ft
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium Ion
Charge time: Approx. 1 hour
Operating time: Approx. 20 hours
Standby time: Months

Bluetooth Smart

What people are saying about RondoMotion

“RondoMotion places you in a 360-degree soundscape (think VR, but for audio). A company trying to change the way we hear music in a fundamental way definitely has my interest.”

“Dysonics’ technology can be used to turn your headphones into a realistic home theater. RAPPR and RondoMotion create the most realistic 3D headphone effect you’ve ever been able to bring home.”

“Dysonics’ technology gives you a sense of “being there,” with a more lifelike audio reproduction on headphones. In creating RAPPR and RondoMotion, they hope to bring innovation to headphones, which haven’t changed much since the 1990s.”

RAPPR Learn More

Say goodbye to flat, restricted headphone audio. RAPPR is an immersive sound environment that produces the richest and most lifelike headphone audio for everything you listen to.

RondoPlayer for Spotify

Get immersive headphone audio for all of your favorite Spotify songs and playlists! Whether you're streaming or playing tracks offline, RondoPlayer brings a front row concert experience to your Spotify Library.

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