RAPPR and Spotify

Bring your headphones to life.

Say goodbye to flat headphone sound. RAPPR is a customizable 3D audio app that delivers amazingly rich and lifelike headphone sound for everything you listen to. Try it out and experience the difference for yourself!

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RAPPR works with everything on your Mac

  • 1Customize the space between you and your virtual speaker setup
  • 2Toggle between thoughtfully crafted presets for music and video
  • 3Up-mix all traditional audio & native 5.1 content to spatialized 5.1 surround
  • 4Give your music, movies, and games a larger-than-life bass boost
  • 5Experience audio realism like never before with 360° motion-tracking support

Unparalleled spatial sound technology

RAPPR opens up the audio in your headphones by recreating the experience of listening to premium speakers in the sweet spot of a real room.

One app for everything

RAPPR works system-wide, producing superior audio for everything on your Mac: Spotify, Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, you name it!

Works with all headphones

RAPPR works with your existing headphones, including all over-ear and ear bud styles.

RAPPR + RondoMotion = Whoa

RAPPR pairs with our state-of-the-art RondoMotion wireless motion sensor to create a fully immersive 360° sound experience that puts you there.

Not just for music

Sure, it does wonders for your music. But your movies and games will also get a huge boost by layering in RAPPR’s immersive 3D audio.

Be comfortable. Listen longer.

RAPPR recreates the natural effect of soundwaves in a room. This makes your ears happy and dramatically decreases listener fatigue caused by standard headphone sound.


Enter a world of Panoramic Sound with RAPPR + RondoMotion

When paired with our RondoMotion wireless motion sensor, RAPPR yields a truly amazing 360° sound experience.

Learn more about RondoMotion.