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RAPPR Radio: Bring your headphones to life!

Dec 16, 2015 9:52 pm
Dysonics Staff
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RAPPR Radio is an ongoing handpicked selection of our favorite tracks that sound unbelievable with RAPPR, our immersive and customizable headphone audio environment for Mac.

Traditional headphone sound is flat and restricted, leaving you with an in-the-head listening experience. RAPPR opens up the sound in your headphones by recreating the experience of listening to premium speakers in the sweet spot of a real room.

Try RAPPR for free and get the richest and most lifelike 3D audio possible. Once you’ve downloaded it, press play below and get ready to bring your headphones to life!

Have a song that sounds particularly awesome with RAPPR? Share it with us on Spotify and we’ll add it in. How to share your song with us:

1) To follow Dysonics on Spotify, click here and click Follow. If a popup window asks you to launch an external application, accept. This just means the browser will open up Spotify.

2) To send music while browsing tracks within Spotify, follow the Dysonics account. Then right-click on the song you want to send, and click the “Share” option.

3) By default, Spotify pulls up the “Post to Feed” option. Instead, select the “Send to Friend” tab, type in “Dysonics” and hit the “Send” button.

If “Dysonics” doesn’t show up when you’re trying to send a track, make sure you’re following the account. Happy RAPPR’ing!