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Get lost in lifelike sound with our 360° RondoMic and The Painted Horses

Dec 16, 2015 7:48 am
Dysonics Staff
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We put our 360° RondoMic in a Santa Cruz barn with the very talented The Painted Horses, and the rest is audio magic!

This recording sounds so lifelike and clean, you’ll swear you’re right there with the band. Throw on some headphones and get lost in the music. And see how the technology works below.

Under the hood

The Dysonics RondoMic uses eight custom omni-directional Telefunken microphones to capture sound environments in 360 degrees. Put another way, it captures four simultaneous binaural recordings, or what we like to call ‘panoramic sound.’

When you play a RondoMic recording back through a pair of headphones, the result is an authentic and pristine listening experience that puts you there. In addition to the jaw-dropping audio-realism it yields for recordings, RondoMic is at the core of our patented Motion-Tracked Binaural (MTB) technology.

Get captured by RondoMic

We’re always looking for new friends to record. If you’re an artist with a killer sound, give us a shout at: