With Rondo360, Dysonics has revolutionized audio for immersive media. This is future-forward VR sound at its absolute finest."

The Huffington Post

"Virgin America is bringing Dysonics' 3D Sound into the air. Dysonics seems to be making its technology available in some cool ways."


"RondoMotion places you in a 360-degree soundscape (think VR, but for audio). A company trying to change the way we hear music in a fundamental way definitely has my interest."


"Dysonics' technology gives you a sense of “being there,” with a more lifelike audio reproduction on headphones. In creating RAPPR and RondoMotion, they hope to bring innovation to headphones, which haven’t changed much since the 1990s."


"Dysonics' technology can be used to turn your headphones into a realistic home theater. RAPPR and RondoMotion can create the most realistic 3D headphone effect you've ever been able to bring home."


I never realized how much depth you lose listening to headphones. Even though they surround your ears, you never feel like the band is right in front of you, with a horn section to the left and the bass on the right. Together, RondoMotion and RAPPR restore that sensation, and it is exhilarating.

Tom's Guide

"There is that distinct lack of "spatial audio” in headphones that you experience out in the open. And that is exactly the problem that Dysonics is trying to address with its RAPPR software and RondoMotion headphone sensor duo."


"Until I heard audio captured by Dysonics, I’d not experienced realistic sound in VR."


“With headphones, you miss the subtle variations and resonances that you get in a room. Unless, that is, they’re playing through an app cooked up by a team of scientists at the University of California, Davis. You’re going to love it.”


"RondoPlayer for iOS reaps the rewards of 15 years of research to improve audio quality on headphones."

The Next Web

"RondoPlayer recreates for headphones the depth of sound you get from speakers. It really does give an added sense of presence.