Our Story

For over 15 years, our core team has pursued academic research in human audio perception and spatial sound capture/reproduction, culminating in a number of patented technologies. In 2012, Dysonics emerged from the UC Davis technology incubator (ETTC) to bring-to-market a revolution in 3D audio & motion-tracking for headphones.

Relevant Markets

Dysonics powers applications in Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Dysonics powers applications in Music


Dysonics powers applications in Gaming


Dysonics powers applications in Movies


Dysonics powers applications in 360° Live Capture

360° Live Capture

Dysonics powers applications in Immersive Content

Immersive Content

Dysonics powers applications in Teleconferencing


And More!

And More!

Meet The Core Team

Perry Teevens


Perry has been the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Dysonics since October 2017, where he leads a world-class audio engineering team developing next-generation sound technology. Previously he was CEO and Director at Comhear, Inc. from July 2015 through October 2018 where he launched award-winning MyBeam and Yarra 3DX 3D sound platforms in consumer and commercial markets. He served as Assistant Vice President of Global Partnerships for Symphony Teleca Corporation (a HARMAN International Company) and served as the head of business development at Skype, where he was responsible for strategic planning and global business development for the Skype-for-Business Business Unit. Prior to Mr. Teevens' role at Skype, he held senior leadership positions at multimedia and software companies including Intel, VideoServer, Radvision and Aricent, as well as holding sales management and business development positions at Skype and Microsoft. 

Robert Dalton, Chief Technology Officer, Dysonics

Robert Dalton Jr.

Co-Founder & CTO

Robert Dalton is Co-Founder and CTO of Dysonics, a company leading the way in immersive audio technology for VR and 360 media. Mr. Dalton received a Masters in Electrical Engineering from U.C. Davis where he researched various aspects of 3D sound capture and reproduction over headphones. He has over 15 years of experience managing and leading hardware and software engineering teams. Called the “future of sound technology” by Gizmodo, Dysonics is the first company to bring to market Bluetooth Smart motion sensors for enabling interactive 3D audio applications over headphones. In addition to building industry leading 360 binaural microphones, Dysonics develops software for spatial audio content creation, live broadcasting, and playback.

Ralph Algazi, Co-Founder & President

V. Ralph Algazi

Co-Founder & President

Dr. Ralph Algazi has been an active researcher in the field of audio signals and audio processing for more than 40 years. He has carried out research and published in the areas communications and signal processing, image processing & compression, and speech & sound processing. Dr. Algazi, professor emeritus of the University of California, Davis, served as Chairman of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. He was the originator and founding director of the Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing (CIPIC), founded in 1989. He continues to direct the CIPIC interface lab, working with Dr. Richard Duda and graduate students on spatial sound research.

Richard O. Duda


Dr. Richard Duda has led research in areas including pattern recognition, image analysis, expert systems, auditory scene analysis, and the localization and synthesis of spatial sound. He has taught electrical engineering at San Jose State and the University of Texas at Austin. He was a researcher at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center at SRI International for 18 years, from 1962 to 1980. He has been a visiting professor and a researcher at the CIPIC Interface laboratory of the University of California, Davis.

Les Borsai, VP of Business Development, Dysonics

Les Borsai

VP of Business Development

Les Borsai spent the first decade of his music and entertainment industry career focused on touring and artist management, starting as a talent buyer at Avalon Attractions (now Live Nation) and later at Bill Silva Management and his own Modern Artist Management. In the past ten years, he has become one of the top digital music entrepreneurs with a focus on mobile, apps and games, founding both the iPhone app developer gridMob and the synch licensing platform for apps and games Songlily. Les heads business development for Dysonics where he forms strategic partnerships relating to technology licensing integration and content licensing and production.

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